Saturday, January 9, 2010

"if you were given a chance to be an animal or bird for a day,which one you prefer to be?"

It would be really great, to take into some other form of life, may it be a bird or an animal.I wish to be a bird,for I have many reasons to support my choice.
I would have the rare opportunity to reach the highest a man could have ever reached naturally , view everything silently and peacefully , eat the best of the natural
products filled with purity,drink the purest of little water available on earth,move into places where any human could have ever been to,fly together with all other birds,adorn
the feathers and wings that make me complete as a bird,can be the most lovely creature by only observing but no be able to try change things around me and disturb the
most happiest life a man dreams to lead but cannot.Live happily with all the flora and fauna which are very different and co-operative in the way they all live.

What to Achieve? Is it Excellence or Perfection?

“Achievement” becomes the most important task for every individual, as at the end of the day every one looks for what one has achieved.So,what does it actually mean and how can one reach the level of satisfaction of what we all own or achieve everyday.

From our daily traits that begin from early in the morning to the moment at which we all decide to rest for the day,it is everyone’s effort to achieve something.Few name it as gain and few others as loss.But anything among them is an “Achievement”.There is no definition for gain and loss in terms of representing them either as positive or negative that would increment or decrement of all that we own.

It depends on every human who strives to achieve,but lands up either with a gain or a loss.I personally consider a win-win situation wherever I go,but the possibilities are narrowed as we are not the only one’s who exist,we live in a society where people work to achieve more than what one actually requires which is otherwise called as Luxury.So we all seem to understand “Achievement” when it is co-related to Luxury.

But for any individual to reach any stage of “Achievement” in his lifetime would require one to climb many steps successfully,but few times will also have to slip too.This is all part and parcel of our life.But,Life becomes enthusiastic and fantabulous only when we challenge every task that we do.

Come what may,we have to put in all efforts that we can and believe for the best.The spirit of “I Can” should be inculcated in every individual that would boost us mentally and will lead us achieve our goal.

So,in our journey to achieve we come across “Excellence & Perfection”.Though both seem to be similar,it is very true that they contextually differ because we often express our “Achievement” as “Perfection”.Though it depends on how one perceives it,it is only through excellence that we attain achievement.

“Excellency” in any way results to Achievement but,what does Perfection mean? Does it mean that one should be accurate or be supernatural,we tend to define Perfection in many ways as we want it to be,but finally it means that it is the point at which,where one lands up having nothing else to achieve.One can never stop achieving things till one reaches the moribund.

But that shouldn’t be the case , we are all gifted with talent,skills and may others that accompany us in our journey called Life.So,i conclude that it is very important for us to achieve, immaterial of satisfying oneself to the word Perfection and reach the moribund.

I wish we all begin to excel from this moment,keeping in mind that we put in all efforts to “Achieve”.