Monday, December 19, 2011

India a High Performing Nation

"We are the world’s largest democracy, having the largest standing volunteer army, the largest producer of Films, 2nd in agricultural output, with 5th largest retail industry, 9th largest economy that’s attracting incredible foreign investments, an acclivitous exporter in software & pharma, realized phenomenal growth in telecom, a fastest growing automotive industry, has an evolutionary banking system & world’s most widely distributed postal network, a progressive educational system towards accomplishing International standards, promoting rapid research in indigenous space technology, a high performing sports nation, 2nd largest workforce to develop nation’s Infrastructure that will provide mounting employment opportunities to the Youth of India in coming years.”

Friday, October 28, 2011

Life is a mystery

Whenever u think to do something in life you think or want to make it happen so that you are satisfied that all ur desires are fulfilled.

But most of the time its all about ur surroundings, the place u r in and time in which u r living it.

Its all a mystery.....hope we all come to know some day

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vinayaka Chaviti

Wish u all a very Happy Vinayaka Chavithi...This time it was a special festival as we could celebrate this wonderful festival wid one of my colleagues at my home, he had good time as he could also take part in the pooja and then we saw our Ajay Devganz Baji Rao "Singham" decent movie... hope everyone is blessed by the almighty Ganesh .. wish u all gr8 time ahead :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend at Barbeque nation , Banjara Hills

At the lovely Barbeque nationFriends

Food joints are great places to visit with friends... and if u r working , then u can imagine wat keeps adding to the talk... once abt the girls around u then ppl around u and more importance is given to the supervisor... but tats like the live music thats played around...

I've been to this place called "Barbeque Nation" this weekend with my colleagues ( my new friends at office).Located in Banjara hills , just opposite to City Centre Mall, Hyderabad. Its a very good place to visit.

If you r a kind of person who likes hot stuff and that too just starters, they r d specialists... they offer 5 varieties of Non-veg n 5 varieties of Veg.
U can continue with just the starters if u wish too until n unless u bend the flag post on ur table which indicates that u r done wid the starters and then one can start with a small range of buffet which is also good.

Desserts as usual are prepared very well.So as you can imagine what a place it can be... u would need to make reservation hours before u arrive or else u wud be kept waiting for a long time. And the price of the buffet menu served for dinner is 575 for non-veg and 525 for veg and taxes follow as usual.

Don forget to try their special gheelani naan... if u just want to know wats on ur menu list u can just find it on ur table.

Hey... this place is not complete with the most special thing that makes the place more special... its the LIVE barbequeing... so u can just take ur food tats panner or mushroom or chicken or mutton and get them well heated till u get satisfied .

The ambience is very good n u wud be served until u say... enough !!! This is a place to visit, so dont miss it.

Pls share ur experiences too.