Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Transformation

November 4,2008 .A day that would be remarkable and historic for every young American citizen for the future they are going to expect.Many would have "dreamt" this day for years together .May be it was because of Racism or Financial Breakdown or some other cause that when initiated here(U.S) would have its deadly effect round the globe.Why so? what made this to happen.It may be time for celebration for those who always spent their life in the well or dark stitched suits that they don on their physical appearance.Its not the matter of colour with which a ruler is born of . May be history beckons that whites had the glorious of the days that had passed away and blacks ( people of Asia,Africa, Redindians of America) had sufferings & slavery as their part in their life. Transformation , days have passed , Now November 4 2008, also stands on calendar as a day in history.But what about a person lying on a street somewhere not may be in U.S.A (and who probably wouldn't have any kind of knowledge abt U.S), but daily watches the adverse effects in and around him due to the tactics and decisions that happen in the well boasted & respected countries of the world The U.S.A.

From the days of colonization then when people from East began to explore the world in search of livelihood , but in turn changed their attitude towards the motive of Ruling. Though their intention was to have the best of their life, that only happened at the cost of others living standards and sufferings.

It is & was the same homo-sapien that is & was the part of the creator & also the destroyer who became the real cause for the series of events.

In writing this i would really like to stress upon people "Believing in the Change" that was promised over to billions and millions of white and black population . Change should not be in the means of color of the person in Rule , but must be in the ideas and their implementation.

Though leaders since decades who have good records since their journey from their youth who struggled hard for their right against rulers then,but have failed in themselves,when it was upto them to rule in some or the other kind. Failures are also a part,but can never be excused on a rulers part.

In this world of Globalisation , it is not only the 'n' numbered doored cars, well equipped security personnel to protect you from your bad deeds, or the air travel on a chartered flight that is really counting on people , there has been the great loss behind the mirror , the ecological imbalance that is taking place in every single of this Earth. May be , it may be leaders of countries,leaders of corporations,leaders of movements who have been struggling for their individual life. Sarcastically, the development of various warfare that have been put in showcase only to emerge as a powerful nation have really swept away much of a non-regainable natural gifts given to the species on earth.

It is the idea or thought that runs behind that causes for every action to take place aso with a better or an adverse reaction to it.

It is only said that " every action has an equal and opposite reaction" but in real sense there may be no science that can really prove what kind of action may lead to what kind of reaction.

So people, balance things in a right manner,celebrate the legendary success of great leaders who have won and also those who are yet to win and are on their journey to success.

Success doesn't end with full stops, but continue with commas.

Transformations happen as part of their cycle.There is no end for them.As every sentence that has fullstop(.) after it.

Finally, colors don't make any difference , they are ideas & their implementation that play their role, when they have something to do.

Disclaimer: What so ever has been expressed above are only statements of expression by a normal human who has his right to Freedom for speech in this Republic Of India , a Democratic Nation.It has nothing to hurt anyone.If so,kindly forget and forgive them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Essence of Education to Life

Essence of education to life as i can begin with...
the following are an excerpt from SudhaMurthy's Famous wise & otherwise
it were few lines that were mentioned by Kiran Bedi( India's most Dynamic IPS official) at a private meet, it goes like this

Education means more than scoring good marks in exams or receiving cerificates.Life is an exam where syllabus is unknown & question papers are not set.Nor are there model answer papers.

There are various types of questions that come from any direction,but one shouldn't run away.Education & Financial independence are tools that can help us face difficulties ,but confidence must be developed throughout life.

So there are no all in one's or model papers where selective questions or problems come to u for u rescue,learn life as u experience it...don't give what be may...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the memorable tete-a-tete

ya a memorable one,before i start dis i have to tell u that i was really much anxious to write the second post since a month,
dis is a meet that really made me know the controversies that do exist among people working for a same motto, it was today that i met a person who inspires me when he speaks,the attitude he carries on him is much different,highly much differentiable being from others
the discussion started with me traveling me in a bus from sec-bad - !!!(hMt) , i cud really give up my well known reservedness today it was the first time that i went to speak to a friend(???)the day before he was leaving for higher studies though i happened to meet him for quite a short time , i have to really learn much abt this meet,we had snacks[a burger(veg),soft-drinks] the moment i met him he was (eagerly waiting for me) waiting( i cud make it out from his gestures) ... he gave me few dvd's of a so called propreitary based distro ...and gave lil intro to it... and then wanted to know abt our glug at our college i cud not express much bcoz of the restrictions i had (consequences!!!)... then we had a walk (first time with a friend for abt 2kms) he put out all his experiences abt how he came into this world of linux(he really had the learning zeal i suppose) then told abt all the resources he had to learn abt linux and its uses,its working,contributing,finally career too ,then few tips to stand out in the world as an individual to show people the power of linux...the revolution thats making proprietary world cry(shut and shit )...ha mainly abt the happening event( i can say GOD OF ALL EVENTS!!!)[if god really exists!!!] and info abt the internships provided by NRC-FOSS and Novell and Rhel ... i have decided to do that.finally bid him wishes for his long journey for his higher education...
hey just dont move out pls do reply if u happen to read my post...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the dpkg error

i was really struggling to fix this error finally it happened today
its "google" again...
i cud get few results while googling

the problem actually was i failed installing mysql on my lappy
so there began the trouble
it happened to be a bigger issue to me at the beginning
k finally to the soln,
1)cd /var/lib/dpkg/updates
rm any file that is related to the package troubling u
2)another one

'dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem'

'dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem' Thats the message i got today, when i tried to run apt-get commands in terminal on my Ubuntu 7.0.4.This is second time for me and after upgrading my kernel this problem started.I was puzzled and started Googling.

Here is a magical command that saved me two times so far, which i got from ubuntu forums.It worked both times for me.

'sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get -f install' run it in terminal without quotes.

so finally an advice pls do search in or the forums...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hi folks, i 'd like to begin this article of mine with few advanced features being provided by"GOOGLE" (earlier known as KNOL[considered to be a knowledge database]) .So why Google...yes , i have a legitimate reason to choose this...To begin with ,though Google started as a Search Engine,it has really both Technically and Commercially has become a benefactor both to users as well as to the organization if considered in the student community we really happen to hear people advising us to "Google" certain unknown facts ,it is because the advancements it does to bring the most robust and the best results to the end users. Its fascinating to know that Google runs on "FREE & Open Source SOFTWARES" on its backend(a community supported software packages) that really is making the cutting edge among the existing competetive search engines.I can much more boast about Google but it really takes some time and really turn me out into a techie biograher,but that isn't the purpose. In the coming few lines i'd like to introduce you about the gonna be technologies that are existing but are yet to come to the Indian net world, within few months or so, to say "MOST AWAITED" by the users who opine "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Indian Netizens in the eyes of the World Of Web & GOOGLE :

The Indian netizens have already made really a good impression among the World of Web with their accurate usage of the softwares either for good/evil cause.Google wants Indian net users to use its services to the max and that are already been used widely.Online Services like Google Docs,You Tube,Orkut***,Google Groups,Picasa Albums,Google Maps,Blogger**,Adsense**,GTalk**,Googlecalendar many more...awaiting to enter the Googles listed services...

Google's Yet to Come Softwares To the Indian Netizens:

I'd like to mention much briefly about these Software later on about which you can know more than whats given here...The most used and the popular Social Networking Site thru which we cud meet many friends of us Orkut*. So Google also has a website called Dodgeball(now being used widely by American Netizens)analogous to Orkut, but the striking difference is you can know where your friend is at the instant located at,so it makes life easier isn't it...information at our convenience using Google...2nd one is the Image comparision technique already tried but is yet to be much more improved the software being used is Tineye which results a new image than the image shown with other images already existing in its database , the resulting image wud be similar or any other image that really suits or contains the same content in the source.3rd wud be Google Mars and Moon where we can locate places where Humans are hoping to survive on both Moon and Mars Google is providing its users with almost and all available pictures of Moon and Mars in colloboration with NASA.

This jagernaut Google cannot really stop inventing things and make our life much more easier using the simplest and the with the latest computing technologies .The basic requirement to use all the listed services is u need to Google account.

For more info please do read Google story(available both as digtal/print/audio book) or google "Googleblogscooped" to know about the old and latest advancements at Googleplex.I have to thank Larry Page & Sergey Brin for not only restricting themselves to a searchengine but also continuing with the best projects.

Hope i have provided plethora info abt google , so its ur turn to reply me back with ur opinions...pls do that...:)