Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An article that won me a recognition in The Hindu in 2009

"if you were given a chance to be an animal or bird for a day,which one you prefer to be?"

It would be really great, to take into some other form of life, may it be a bird or an animal.I wish to be a bird,for I have many reasons to support my choice.
I would have the rare opportunity to reach the highest a man could have ever reached naturally , view everything silently and peacefully , eat the best of the natural
products filled with purity,drink the purest of little water available on earth,move into places where any human could have ever been to,fly together with all other birds,adorn
the feathers and wings that make me complete as a bird,can be the most lovely creature by only observing but not be able to try change things around me and disturb the most happiest life a man dreams to lead but cannot.Live happily with all the flora and fauna which are very different and co-operative in the way they all live. 

I'm surprised to this day , whether I were one who has written such a short passage.

They are few memorable lines in my life that I wouldn't forget.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rockstar Movie 2011... a beautiful journey filled with emotions

It all begins somewhere to lead me to a field...

What a film it is!!! I have been taken away by the script of the film.

One can really see most of the emotions being clearly put on the screen, i could experience a great feeling watching the movie, as the protagonist role carries the story into different worlds where one could have never imagined to pass through which is accompanied by the maestro Rahmans' musical journey of soft and mesmerizing music.

Its really great... a life filled of surprises, made to feel the pain though there is lots of happiness, moments to cherish and many things to embrace and carry on with a happy life but cannot be.

But a short story as it ever happens on the screen where we really feel to be one among the cast but realize later that we are just part of the audience.

Movies are just to become more fantastic ever , by the day to share the joy of showing what one has missed in life , to show what could have happened, to show what (really) happened , to share with everyone those moments that you can never get in life than on the screen.

Thanks Imtiaz Ali for such a different movie that could let me look at a different world filled with different thoughts.

Masha Allah!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eco Initiatives at Home

Hey folks,

Below are few eco friendly intiatives one can begin at home,

The processes have been clearly described in English and Telugu as well.

There is also a success story shared by a Military Subedar about his project implemented in Rastrapathi Bhavan,Hyderabad.

If anyone is interested in such initiatives or want to suggest
please drop a mail to