Sunday, October 12, 2008

the memorable tete-a-tete

ya a memorable one,before i start dis i have to tell u that i was really much anxious to write the second post since a month,
dis is a meet that really made me know the controversies that do exist among people working for a same motto, it was today that i met a person who inspires me when he speaks,the attitude he carries on him is much different,highly much differentiable being from others
the discussion started with me traveling me in a bus from sec-bad - !!!(hMt) , i cud really give up my well known reservedness today it was the first time that i went to speak to a friend(???)the day before he was leaving for higher studies though i happened to meet him for quite a short time , i have to really learn much abt this meet,we had snacks[a burger(veg),soft-drinks] the moment i met him he was (eagerly waiting for me) waiting( i cud make it out from his gestures) ... he gave me few dvd's of a so called propreitary based distro ...and gave lil intro to it... and then wanted to know abt our glug at our college i cud not express much bcoz of the restrictions i had (consequences!!!)... then we had a walk (first time with a friend for abt 2kms) he put out all his experiences abt how he came into this world of linux(he really had the learning zeal i suppose) then told abt all the resources he had to learn abt linux and its uses,its working,contributing,finally career too ,then few tips to stand out in the world as an individual to show people the power of linux...the revolution thats making proprietary world cry(shut and shit )...ha mainly abt the happening event( i can say GOD OF ALL EVENTS!!!)[if god really exists!!!] and info abt the internships provided by NRC-FOSS and Novell and Rhel ... i have decided to do that.finally bid him wishes for his long journey for his higher education...
hey just dont move out pls do reply if u happen to read my post...

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