Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Aliens / U.F.O What's all this?

It's beyond our ken to judge the existence of some material particles around us which seem to strike us with embarrassment. They may be either considered as Unidentified Flying Objects
abbreviated as U.F.O . Many Human Beings abhor their existence on our Earth. These are all
simple assumptions or things that are done in mere pandemonium where they are all backstabbed by the earlier gossips or rumours they might have heard. To throw some light over such incidents that may often or rarely occur accidentally only to a few number of people ,None of the could really remember the physical appearance of those external living beings.There are also people,
a very limited number of individuals who give their eye teeth for such kind of news or information. They get involved into the reality that covers up this complete mystery which is all
beyond our ken.

Many a times studies have revealed that there are some highly powered external living beings that are completely out of range to identify either their behavior or appearance or any such identity that differentiates with the largest Human race that dominates the planet called The Earth in the Universe.
But it is also this makes us gob smacked when we see people around us plugging away with studies that involve to discover the earlier existence of a Human Being,the earlier or ancient form that later lead to the formation of Human race and also people who peg away with little information that simply stikes off all other issues present around us.

The raison d etre for such things arises because of the thirst for knowing or discovering new things which has been the basic condition of science and has also been the best gift given to us "The Brain" that can understand , predict(The Sixth Sense) or also misinterpret
such things in many cases. These are all sine qua non that seem to continue till the thirst is completely drenched with the final drop on the water bodies existing on our planet.

The solution lies with everyone who has different opinions from one another.

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