Friday, October 31, 2014

The madness of sharing pictures

It's been three years that I started exploring the beautiful nature and its mysterious beauties. When I first traveled to Kedarnath and Badrinath, I realized that how could some of the most serene places lied in India. And, the entire experience was captured using an iPhone 4 that had at that time (thanks to my lovely sister and parents who presented this). I used it extensively capturing the scenic beauties of the Himalayan mountains that surround the historic places. Then the following year I got to travel to Dharamshala,India to participate in a trekking event. This was also a fun filled journey as I had an extra accessory this time (a macrolens; courtesy - lovely sister). I ended by capturing close to two thousand pictures during this trip. It was just facebook by then that I knew where I could share my work so that friends of mine could have a look to appreciate what the nature holds at its best.

In late 2013, I finally traveled to the United States for my education and then got a new iPhone5 (courtesy - brotherinlaw). This time it was just amazing. Rolla, Missouri was where I had chosen to pursue my masters. It was by this time that Instagram became popular, I used flickr a couple of times but wasn't interested much. As days progressed, I started exploring the City of Rolla and was amazed by the randomness of the natural beauty within my campus and around the city. One day I was walking towards the Social Security Office in the city and stumbled upon this nursery at the suburbs of the city. I can still remember how excited I was when I spotted this place. I had to plan my visit to the nursery a couple more times to make sure I had taken pictures of the flowers that they had at their place. It was both the place and the equipment (iPhone5) that I had. Started taking pictures and began madly sharing them on facebook, just to realize that I had a bunch of friends who wouldn't appreciate the work that was shared. Found Instagram as an alternative source when I was chided by my sisters that it's so very painful for them to keep seeing just flowers rolling on their newsfeed. I was just struggling to find a medium to share my work where one could experience it.

It was in 2014 that I got to know that my school has a magazine that publishes pictures in it.I didn't wait until they published the request, I immediately sent my work to them and guess what, a picture that was captured during my trekking happened to be on the cover page. I was puzzled to see this and had just been in the Cloud9 moment for a while. It was during this period that I was in Chicago working as an Intern for a consulting firm. I spent my weekends visiting the Lincoln Conservatory and finding other places that I could just relax. These trips obviously helped me capture few more beautiful pictures. But, no chance that I could share the pictures on facebook for the same reasons that I mentioned earlier. I just kept sharing the work on Instagram. Got a few beautiful clicks during this period, but no better way to share the work than Instagram.  Then, I was just browsing the Internet the other day and found a name of a friend on my google+ page and just looked him up on google just with a curiosity on what's he upto. Guess what I found, it was the National Geographic Your Shot page. Then I realized, I found the right place to share my work. This was the moment that I realized how mad I was about sharing my work on the craziest platforms until then where people visit to share other things than artwork.

I have to thank my friend who indirectly helped find this medium to share the work and I have a strong desire to have atleast one picture of mine to get published in the NatGeo work. That would just bring another Cloud9 moment until it happens.

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