Friday, August 14, 2015

A long stroll in two hours @ DIA

This journey begins from the Wild Wild Mid-West Wichita. It was a Friday afternoon after an eagerly awaited weekend to meet my cousins at Philadelphia. I had mixed feelings when I made the reservation because it was a five hour journey including the layover at Denver. Wasn't sure how I would pass my time. Made my preparations the night before by downloading a couple of playlists (Best of 2015) on Spotify to accompany while reading "the devil wears prada". It's as usual, reading a book eases me into a comfortable nap. 

I wake up suddenly when my subconscious mind tells me "Dude you better be reading the book or watch the view from the window seat". So then I begin multitasking to comfort myself and take pride in accomplishing two things.

As usual I don't plan things in advance as I enjoy the moments that happen randomly. There is a lot of happiness that comes from randomness because you end up realizing that you have achieved something you haven't dreamt of.

So,finally we start approaching Denver airport and many thoughts in my mind of how to spend the next two hours. So, about ten minutes away from landing at DIA I start observing the beautiful landscape around and I become a kid. My reflexes are pretty quick when I see a beautiful landscape. The book goes into the pouch and the iPhone comes out to capture the moments as we pass through.

Now begins the collection of pictures that I started taking after I decided to spend my time differently at the airport. More to come after a couple of pictures.

I wondered for a moment if I were looking at the farms or polka dots on the land we were passing by.

A serene cluster of clouds that we passed by.

Far in the background are the valleys and it was a wonderful sight I could get from my seat.

Not sure what this could be, but, I saw an airplane on the field, may be that's the next plane to Mars 😜.

A beautiful view of the evening sky as we entered the skies of Denver.

A view of the Denver international airport from the runway.

This is just the part until I entered the airport. So, I started thinking what do I do for the next two hours, a. Continue reading the book, b. Look around the airport. Then I google for "Interesting things to do at Denver airport" and the official webpage for the Denver airport 
appears atop the results. That's when I see a couple of things to do. Of all those were listed two things interested me a lot. They were a. A great view of the Colorado valleys from Terminal C and 
 a great way to complete a good walking exercise walking through the three terminals. So, with no hesitation I start walking towards the terminal C. First things that attracted me was the statue in the below picture.

Then I follow the signs to terminal C on my quest to make it to the place that was described to be very scenic and I stumble onto the following bird that was at display. I leave it to the reader to carefully observe each picture as I made sure I captured all the details to build the story and imagine what I would have seen.

Here comes the bird a.k.a Cablevision Tool,

This was totally unexpected but I ended up spotting a new thing at the airport. That's not the end, you know I'm on an adventure. It was just close to 30 minutes
and I take another decision. What if I cover all the terminals within the next one and half hour. It felt amazing. Now I continue towards the gates in C terminal where I could get the view that was described in the website. As I approach towards the gates I see it started to rain heavily. This was a total bummer to me. 
But I settle looking at the view and droplets that settle on the glasses by the gates. It did leave me with a good feeling of looking at the outdoors in a better view.

Rain or shine, I keep walking under the roof, enjoying the stroll. Now, towards the other end of terminal C. There wasn't much to the other corner. It's time for Terminal A. I continue towards the train and exit in Terminal A. First thing that strikes my attention here, raise your head and you'll look at these sculptures placed.

I found nothing much to learn about the structures that were in the above pictures, but, I can tell few things about the ones coming now.

This is a view of the airport from outside. 

Same thing here nothing much to learn what this bird is for.

But, I remember faintly about few innovative lights placed in terminal A that could be controlled on an app or with the music on the device. Not sure if that the thing but that's what I remember.

And, it was almost time that I travelled to the other terminal else I would be putting myself in a difficult situation if I arrive when the boarding begins.So, I now decide to go back to terminal B.

Back to terminal B, and I still continue walking but in the opposite direction as I was a little confident back in my mind that I wouldn't miss the flight.

And, now I kinda get I was looking for. A view of the valleys, I had a good view of it with my naked eye but had a tough time capturing it with my camera. I still think a minute part of the valleys appear in the background.

Though this is the last picture of the two hours that I spent at the airport, I got a fantastic view of the showers somewhere far from the airport and dark clouds over the city.

It's time we saw what the step count is... Wohoo, yes I could log a good amount of them, no kidding this is for you to see...

 Wow, what a way to end the short still at the Denver airport. Glad to have visited the DIA and hope this post helps you relish the same memories I had.

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