Sunday, April 17, 2016

A night in Nashville

A bunch of old friends with no plan just end up meeting in this musical city. I was in St.Louis at my uncles place for the weekend, and my childhood mate calls me and tells he will be visiting me in a couple of hours to leave to Nashville. We had no clue what we'd be doing there. I heard from someone in one of my conversations that this city has a great history to country music.

We started driving to this city in the afternoon and reached by dusk. The first thing we did was to visit the hindu temple which has one of the biggest installations of lord ganapathi, the picture below with Indian Graffiti / Rangoli was taken at the entrance of the temple as they were busy working on the 50th anniversary of the temple. We met another friend here and it felt great meeting two old school friends after many years. Now it was time to visit the city and experience all the stories I've heard. We stayed at midtown for the night and after a slight break we all changed our attire as if we were ready for the Hangover experience (I had this song "Right round" going in the background). It's funny at times that I recall my favorite songs to the occasion and just enjoy the flow.

We drove to the Broadway street which to our surprise was a short alley of bars. But, we slowly began to explore the streets and realized that we were wrong from the first sight we had. It such an amazing experience when you listen to music every few feet you pass on Broadway. I lack words to express what music is capable of doing to a human mind (especially me). I almost have a hangover when some tunes strikes a chord with me.

Our excitement was incremental as we kept looking at the crowd in the bars and we weren't perplexed to see the energy and confused in deciding which one to enter. It was a mere chaos and as a happenstance we enter a cowboy style bar - Tequila Cowboy. On our way to this bar we hit few spots for us to pose with Elvis and watch a street side magic performance. Many funny moments on the streets and limitless white girls to add more treat to the eyes.

We were all having fun at Tequila Cowboy for such a long time that we lost track of time and left at around 3 to see a woman a funny spanking streak on the street. As I mentioned earlier there is music all over and few designated spots for
bands to perform their music. I happened to stay at many places just amazed at the impromptu / live music performances. After a long night we decided to return to our hotel to wake up to a lavish breakfast buffet at the hotel were staying (perks of working at a consulting firm - gives you a great rewards).



Then we continue to drive to the downtown again to see the morning view and towards the capitol hill. My aunt recommended us to visit the Opryland resort, which was a beautiful space in this music city. Though it isn't a preferred place for bachelors (unless for a private bachelor party). We saw only married couples (old and young - no barrier to age I believe - simply married ones / may be people who've come there to date). But, we did happen to take advantage of the place and took few photographs (that's my way to enjoy the sight, for people who know me personally, they can quickly associate to what I'm talking about).

After a long day, we drive to this Indian restaurant called Bawarchi (don't be surprised, it isn't the off shoot of the Bawarchi in your town, this name is common for a restaurant which claims to be a specialty in making Biryani ; Hyderabadi style in many cases). We were so famished that we didn't quite realize the quantity of food we ordered until we saw the dishes arriving to the table. We literally didn't have enough space to accommodate the well cooked and delicious treats at this restaurant.

After a special lunch and a morning at Opryland, we decide to drive back to St.Louis with a great collection of classic Telugu music that one of my friends had with him.

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