Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fairy tale from københavn (Copenhagen)

The journey began from Holstebro on Friday evening. We were four and travelled in the DSB express train that reached Copenhagen in about 4hrs. We had great time enjoying the countryside view of the country and great wifi connectivity on the train ( anyways we got to sit on first class coach) throughout our entire journey made it more pleasant after a busy day's work.

Day1: Started our tour of the city with a boat tour followed by two wonderful free walking tours (classical and tour of Christianshavn) that covered the markets of the city and few historic places such as the Round tower, University of Copenhagen (I was reminiscing my classes at school reading about the famous physics formulas when we reached the statue of Neils Bohr at this place). The city has history dating back to 16th century and has many places that still restore the happenings. The tour ended at this wonderful eatery market where we had spelendid time eating hotdogs, Mikkeler & Friends, a Cinnamon Roll and a lovely carrot cake.

After our first tour we spent a couple of hours visiting George Jensen. Right in the middle of the market place was this beautiful women in a gorgeous attire, ended up getting few flying kisses.

Then we did the next free walking tour that took us to the parliament, christianshavn church, the tower representing the city of Copenhagen on the Danish currency. The most interesting part was our visit to Christiania / Christianshavn. Things that I remember from our guide was that this place is exclusive in terms of how the residents get an entry and still don't follow the constitution of Denmark. There were signs all around to not take pictures or run (running meant that there's cops around).  After a long stroll in the city we decided to have some South Indian food for dinner, which turned out to be a wonderful one as the food was delicious and was prepared to satisfy our palate (as one of my friend described, "a deepam dinner", as it accompanied a candle).


On our way back to our hotel we got a taxi, this one seemed to be one of the funny experiences. All the while we took advantage of Uber and suddenly one of my colleague was so tired she just decided to call a taxi. The driver, an afgani, started making fun of bicyclists from the moment we asked him about the cycling culture in Copenhagen. He seemed to be so frustruated with the bicyclists in the city, he compared them with mosquitos and infact was telling us about this fat guy he saw the other day and called him a mammoth who covered the seat of the cycle between his a**. The way he described this was very hilarious and tickled our funny bone.

Day 2: We began our day with a short tour to the international food market by Nyhavn, we got to see a variety of stores from France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and UK. To enhance our treat we had this belgian waffle with nutella spread which was amazing.

After our little trip to the market, we continued to walk towards the palace and to the famous little mermaid. If you're thinking why this post begins with "a fairy tale", it's because of H.C.Andersen.

And, now begins our 1 hour tour to the city on the most preferred transportation in copenhagen. So, my friends and I turned into mosquitoes to explore the rest of the places we wanted to. As our trip was approaching its end, we decided to visit the Rosenburg castle.As I mentioned earlier, the city has history as early as 16th century and these structures were very well restored despite the city undergoing few fire accidents few centuries ago.

Our lunch at Nyhavn was a fabulous treat after having spent a long afternoon and were almost winding up the tour. This was when I took some time to visit the Lego Store in the town as I wasn't sure I if would get a chance to visit the Legoland (more about this in my post on Billund). 

Selfie time at the postcard scene of Copenhagen (that picture with the cycle cost me 5 extra dollars as I just missed the 1 hour limit, but was worth I believe),

Few more pictures from the trip,

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