Saturday, July 26, 2014

A long story of a short journey

A short journey of 11months 18 Days ... Almost an year in the United States.

I still remember the long flight trip I've done from Hyderabad - Doha - Houston - Dallas. A wonderful journey accompanied by the beautiful air hostess who me helped get a lavish appetite throughout the trip. "Oblivion" a super english flick , Planes (my favorite animation movie after Minions) and Special 26 (a Hindi flick) were few of the movies I got to watch during the flight journey.

A panoramic view of Doha was a feast to the eyes, especially the man made islands were beautiful to look from close to 40K feet in the sky. Rest of the time was spent dreaming about the future in the United States. I still remember the words of my dad's friend who came to wish adieu ... "USA is the mecca of education" and it's very much true in many ways. I totally agree with you uncle :). 

The long awaited moment of immigration arrives finally after we reached the Houston Airport. I remember making my arrangements for the set of papers I'd have to submit at the port of entry. The lines were very long and I felt nostalgic imagining what kind of a conversation would I have with the officer. It actually ended as a simple conversation that began with a Hi and ended with a "Happy Stay in the States". 

Carrying two huge bags filled with Indian spices, pickles, and a lot of memories was not an easy task. 

It was such a wonderful experience looking at the trains that move passengers within the airport from one terminal to another.

Then, one of most critical moments in the first week were choosing between multiple admits I had from different schools. One was a school which was an hour away from my sisters place and another a 1000 miles away. I didn't realize that within a span of a week I had to travel to Missouri to begin my Masters program. I had no clue what would it be like, my lovely sister promised me that she is just a phone call away and to everyone's surprise my brother-in-law left all his work behind just to accompany me for my travel to Missouri. What happened next was such a sweet journey which I'd expand in my post that I would write in future. 

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