Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokemon Go and our first road trip to the music city

Bunch of bad a**es on a random road trip for 10 hours each way, that's the best I can shortly describe about out trip. The Blackkeys, Paul McCartney, Joe Rogan, Aziz Ansari and Bill Burr (that's the music and stand up we heard our way). Well, most intriguing part was the instances when we lost our ways and kept adding couple hours to the trip each way was a funny moment when both of us tried to find whom to point the fingers at. We tried so hard that we gave up and continued to drive each time it happened. Jays hard attempt to get the Pokemon Go's on the highways was a little frustrating as he couldn't get what he expected out of the long drive, the game would only show him few tiny and trivial things which he had already gotten. But he wouldn't give up and kept trying though. Our unintended route through Evansville helped us go by Henderson and on our return trip we got to drive by Bowling green (both are places where Jays grandparents lived and where his mom graduated). It sounded similar to the way I or my dad would keep discussing the places we pass each time we go through a town when we travel in India. As his family is from here (the US) he had stories about the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. After our victorian attempt to make it to Nashville, Jay abruptly decides not to knock on the door of our aunt. I was shocked as it would personally be ok for me to knock (Indian culture thing) at any time, but, my bro was American. Couldn't start a war (of words) now (it was 4am and we were both tired anwyays), so I said I'll text her and he agreed with that plan (I was a little relieved that we at least informed them that we arrived). Then my guy decides to sleep in the car and he was so tired that he started roaring (I mean snoring). Oh man, it was such a thing that I couldn't put up with in a short time, tried bearing it, but, gave up and told him I'd drive to the downtown to use the time to take few pictures (time for my crazy adventures). God sent, he agrees (which was a blessing for me). We drove to the downtown, but, well as I said right at the beginning, he got down to playing his game and I was down to finding the spots to get my desired picture of the downtown that's all over the internet when one searches for Nashville.
To get such a wonderful sight early in the morning was surely a pleasant gift in the entire trip I believe. We were debating about walking around the town for some more time but decided to leave after walking for few miles.

 I made my bro take the photographer role for a moment and see what magic he's done.

And I too returned the favor to him with a good pellichoopulu picture for him.

So, finally we make it to aunts place (she would surely beat me that I called her aunt, she actually is sister in law to me and aunt to Jay) and crash for a good next five hours. On our way to their place we decided to wake up in three hours (but only realized later that it was a distant dream). But, it was a true test for me to see how long I would be awake and I proved to myself that I can be awake for a straight 24 hours at once.

Our cousin was such a sweet person, she actually made few Indian sweets which I proudly finished by the end of our trip and she prepared lovely pooris and aloo curry to satisfy our famished inner soul (tummy I mean). I happily went back to bed after confirming that we would have another feast that night at P.F.Changs and a movie of the Indian Rocky - Sultan (Jay and I liked the ShitGuy episode). While I was asleep after lunch, Jay and my little cousin got busy playing Pokemon on Nintendo DS (I was just thinking that these gaming companies just know how to keep people engaged but in virtual world and not in the real one).

My little luck from the fortune cookie, (don't exactly know what I actually I desire for)

Our little cousin's face brightened up as he was busy with his iPad (the moment I saw this picture on the camera I felt as if I was looking at the Buddha of 21st century)

As, it would have seemed, it surely was another long day that continued to early hours next day. I was active yet again and as I had mentioned I still had good amount of charge left in my batteries (I suddenly felt I was carrying a bunch of Duracell's inside me), else, I'd normally be yawning if it were to be in the past. We decided to drive to the downtown again to see the night life and by the time we reached there, to our surprise the bars already had people leaving, so rather than for us to peep into the bars to see the gorgeous and pretty girls, we actually had all of them waiting for us on the either sides of the street that added more beauty to the Broadway street.

As anyone could imagine, both (of us) lazy night owls ended up waking at around 12pm the next day. Time for a light breakfast followed by a sumptuous lunch again. Our aunt was busy preparing our favorites to make sure we had the best home cooked food. After lunch, we managed to fix a plastic holder for the bird feeder my cousin had at her place and we think we were able to fix the way what they actually thought of having (fingers crossed, I'd only know until it rains this season if it can withstand the water). Both Jay and I tried to apply our rusty engineering skills (electrical and information technology, just for your information) to see if we were able to use them practically.

Then it was .... picture time ... realistically nobody can escape this event,when I'm around and especially with my camera. Few beautiful family portraits of the sweet family we met at Nashville.

After a splendid two days at Nashville, we bid good byes to our cousins and started our voyage back to Chicaaagoo.

Our inquisitive minds suddenly decide to visit Cracker Barrel where we happened to realize that both of us were true geniuses. It took us good 1400 miles and a stop in Kentucky to know how smart we were. If you've already been to Cracker Barrel, you must have played the Peg game that's what I'm talking about (we didn't actually trade anything or smartly escape with bourbon). That's my dinner with the peg board showing off my genius skills (of serendipity).

The next few hours which actually or normally were something I supposed would be so normal, until which time we encountered a heavy flash flood during our drive through Indiana. We suddenly were hit by a heavy rain and I was behind the wheel at this time. I never rode a car through a heavy rain, but, what I only remember was it was safe to drive into an exit to avoid any incidents of drowning (a mere exaggeration to what actually was the situation though 😜). But, my partner in crime was actually giving me logical reasoning to not enter the exits guessing that they normally would be low lying areas which are more riskier to enter and rather recommended to continue driving.

What happened next was something we both will remember for days to come and will surely be a story for us to discuss in future (hint: girls and marriage). Don't worry we were having an enlightening conversation to realize what perspective each of us had on a variety of topics.

And, finally a selfie that we took with the lovely family that hosted two crazy bachelors over the weekend.

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