Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hi folks, i 'd like to begin this article of mine with few advanced features being provided by"GOOGLE" (earlier known as KNOL[considered to be a knowledge database]) .So why Google...yes , i have a legitimate reason to choose this...To begin with ,though Google started as a Search Engine,it has really both Technically and Commercially has become a benefactor both to users as well as to the organization itself...today if considered in the student community we really happen to hear people advising us to "Google" certain unknown facts ,it is because the advancements it does to bring the most robust and the best results to the end users. Its fascinating to know that Google runs on "FREE & Open Source SOFTWARES" on its backend(a community supported software packages) that really is making the cutting edge among the existing competetive search engines.I can much more boast about Google but it really takes some time and really turn me out into a techie biograher,but that isn't the purpose. In the coming few lines i'd like to introduce you about the gonna be technologies that are existing but are yet to come to the Indian net world, within few months or so, to say "MOST AWAITED" by the users who opine "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Indian Netizens in the eyes of the World Of Web & GOOGLE :

The Indian netizens have already made really a good impression among the World of Web with their accurate usage of the softwares either for good/evil cause.Google wants Indian net users to use its services to the max and that are already been used widely.Online Services like Google Docs,You Tube,Orkut***,Google Groups,Picasa Albums,Google Maps,Blogger**,Adsense**,GTalk**,Googlecalendar many more...awaiting to enter the Googles listed services...

Google's Yet to Come Softwares To the Indian Netizens:

I'd like to mention much briefly about these Software later on about which you can know more than whats given here...The most used and the popular Social Networking Site thru which we cud meet many friends of us Orkut*. So Google also has a website called Dodgeball(now being used widely by American Netizens)analogous to Orkut, but the striking difference is you can know where your friend is at the instant located at,so it makes life easier isn't it...information at our convenience using Google...2nd one is the Image comparision technique already tried but is yet to be much more improved the software being used is Tineye which results a new image than the image shown with other images already existing in its database , the resulting image wud be similar or any other image that really suits or contains the same content in the source.3rd wud be Google Mars and Moon where we can locate places where Humans are hoping to survive on both Moon and Mars ...so Google is providing its users with almost and all available pictures of Moon and Mars in colloboration with NASA.

This jagernaut Google cannot really stop inventing things and make our life much more easier using the simplest and the with the latest computing technologies .The basic requirement to use all the listed services is u need to Google account.

For more info please do read Google story(available both as digtal/print/audio book) or google "Googleblogscooped" to know about the old and latest advancements at Googleplex.I have to thank Larry Page & Sergey Brin for not only restricting themselves to a searchengine but also continuing with the best projects.

Hope i have provided plethora info abt google , so its ur turn to reply me back with ur opinions...pls do that...:)

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